Root Canals

Almost everyone can speak to the popularity of root canals—no one wants one. However, needing a root canal is really not such a horrible thing. In fact, if your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, it means that saving your natural tooth is possible! At Printers Row Dental Studio, we’re devoted to giving you a healthy, beautiful smile, especially when that means you can keep your natural teeth.


Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

When the inside of your tooth, or the pulp, is badly and/or deeply decayed such that it causes inflammation and infection, Dr. Ema may suggest a root canal. A root canal procedure is a procedure that allows your dentist to clean out the decayed tissue and stop your tooth from experiencing further damage and decay. If the infection is left, it can lead to an abscess, which can cause severe periodontal disease and abscessed gums. 

Signs you may have an Infection:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swollen gums surrounding an infected tooth

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

During your procedure, Dr. Ema will remove the pulp of your tooth and carefully clean and disinfect the root canal. After your tooth has been disinfected, Dr. Ema will seal it up with a rubber-like material. This may take one or two visits to complete. Once this is done, Dr. Ema will use a a crown or filling to restore your tooth.

Although some people believe the root canal procedure to be unsafe, a root canal procedure is not only safe but allows you to keep your natural teeth. Nothing looks quite as good or functions quite as well as your natural teeth. Dr. Ema at Printers Row Dental Studio is highly-trained and experienced in root canal procedures. Saving your natural teeth should always be your first choice.

We understand that needing root canals can be stressful . At Printers Row Dental Studio, we do everything we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Are Root Canal Procedures Safe? 

Yes. Despite recent media attention claiming that root canal treatments are unsafe and the cause of disease or cancers, the root canal treatment itself is safe and will not inherently cause any disease or cancer. Recent media sources are citing hundred year old science that has since been disproven. During a root canal treatment, the infection is removed from the tooth, thereby removing infectious tissue and allowing the surrounding tissue to heal. 

To learn more about the safety of root canals, please see the American Association of Endodontists’ article and video about the safety of root canal treatment

If you have any questions about the safety or efficacy of root canal treatment, please don’t hesitate to ask us at Printers Row Dental Studio. 

Don’t put off saving your natural smile. If you are in need of root canal, call Printers Row Dental Studio today at (312) 435-0411 or request an appointment online to schedule your appointment.

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