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I love the atmosphere and the hospitality of the office, Dr. Ema is good people and a marvelous professional. She definitely has a top-notched support team in her office. I am anticipating the results of the dental work : D 

— Rasheeda K. (Patient since 2019), Aug 6, 2019



Great staff , friendly environment

— Keni T. (Patient since 2017), Jun 19, 2019



Dr. Ema is probably the best dentist I’ve ever had. She takes the time to explain everything she is doing and potential treatments which I truly appreciated. I had a couple questions during my visit and she took the time to answer my questions and made sure everything she was explaining made sense. At my previous dentist I always felt rushed and I got the impression that they weren’t taking enough time during my visits but that is not the case at all with Dr. Ema. She genuinely cares about her patients and makes your experience a great one. Printers Row Dental Studio in general is very welcoming and professional. If you’re looking for a very friendly and high quality dental practice, stop by Printers Row Dental Studio.

— Samuel D. (Patient since 2019), Jun 18, 2019



Best dentist in chicago so professional and gentle. The office is very very clean and all the staff treats you like you are the only patient in the office.

— Diana H. (Patient since 2019), May 22, 2019



I was really overwhelmed by how well the appointment went; getting a great deal of undivided attention. I’m so looking forward to the next phase! I’ve told numerous people of my experience and how I highly recommended Printer’s Row Dental……

— Laurie A. (Patient since 2019), Apr 22, 2019



Printers Row Dental Studio is awesome! The receptionist is amazing she breaks everything down for you as far as treatments and costs and what’s covered and what’s not covered. The dental hygienist is awesome as well she is very down to earth and makes you feel super comfortable through your whole procedure.

— Nicole S. (Patient since 2019), Apr 16, 2019



Dr. Emma is the best dentist I have been to hands down. She is very informative, cares about her patients, and is very gentle when working on your teeth!!

— Brad P.  (Patient since 2019), Apr 15, 2019



Everyone in the office is friendly and professional.

— Karen L. (Patient since 2019), Apr 9, 2019



I was greeted very warmly and had a very positive experience for my first time.

— Denise C. (Patient since 2019), Apr 8, 2019



The staff and dentist were very professional and wonderful.

— Adil J. (Patient since 2018), Apr 8, 2019



I was pleased to get a quick emergency appointment even though Dr. Ema did not perform my original procedure. Dr. Ema was very pleasant, informative and personable. I will definitely recommend her services to friends and family!

— Tracie R. (Patient since 2019), Mar 28, 2019



Great Dentist, very knowledgeable! Good staff.

— Linda H. (Patient since 2018), Mar 11, 2019



Best replacement of a crown experience ever!!!

— Coleen B. (Patient since 2017), Feb 21, 2019



Actually makes going to the dentist a great experience!

— Carol M. (Patient since 2017), Feb 11, 2019



Such a cute inviting office with state of the art equipment! Love Dr.Ema. She is so knowledgeable and thorough!

— Regina M. (Patient since 2018), Feb 1, 2019




Dr. Ema and her team are wonderful. They take the time to go over every procedure, and everything they do is handled with utmost care. I’m kind of a baby when it comes to going to the dentist, but the team at Printers Row Dental are gentle and have a soft touch. The office is inviting and friendly. The headphones and sunglasses are also a nice touch.

— Mark H. (Patient since 2018), Jan 23, 2019




Dr Ema was amazing! The staff were all very accommodating and helpful. It was the best experience I have ever had at the dentist!

— Sara L. (Patient since 2019), Jan 9, 2019



Five star rating vary happy with the service will recommend to friends.

— Rodney A. (Patient since 2018),  Dec 24, 2018



From the moment you walk in, your’re treated as if you’re they’re only patient. The office is beautiful and inviting; the staff works as a team on your care and the quality of the work shows in every treatment. I wish I would have found Dr. Ema years ago.

— Mark H. (Patient since 2018), Dec 17, 2018



Good dentistry, good people, timely, concerned people…aces!

— Charlie N. (Patient since 2017), Nov 24, 2018



Staff was very respectful and took the time to really explain everything that they were going to do which put me at ease.

— Orlando O. (Patient since 2018), Nov 12, 2018



Printers Row Dental, Great Dental Professionals. Dr. Ema and her staff, counseling, are kind, courteous and very professionals dental experts. Thank you, Sincerely, Andre.

— Andre B. (Patient since 2018), Nov 12, 2018



I got seen right away, very friendly atmosphere, I love you all. Thanks so much.

— Freddie H. (Patient since 2018), Nov 12, 2018



The google reviews from the previous Dr. (who’s no longer apart of the practice) made me weary about coming in. When I did come in, I had persistent cracking on my bonding. Dr. Ema didn’t just fix the tooth, she took preventative measures to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. That extra step by a DR, is hard to find. They are WAY more concerned with building a relationship with their clients than just monetizing them. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone in the neighborhood.

— Anthony C. (Patient since 2018), Nov 2, 2018



Printer’s Row Dental is a wonderful experience. All of the staff is incredibly kind and comfortable to work with. I couldn’t ask for more. I highly recommend!

— Rachel W. (Patient since 2017), Oct 8, 2018



I will highly recommend Dr Ema. I recently had my crowns done and she did a wonderful job. Its an important decision and I did a lot of research on doctors but she was very patient and very knowledge. I am happy I chose her to be my doctor.

— Olivia M. (Patient since 2017), Sep 27, 2018


It was an interesting experience. I am still very overwhelmed. But has yet to complete my goal.

— Romonica D. (Patient since 2018), Sep 19, 2018



The staff was great and very friendly! This was the most gentle cleaning I’ve ever had. Have already recommended to friends!

— Alison P. (Patient since 2017), Sep 9, 2018



”Very Professional in their profession”, that says it all excellent staff ,id definitely ill recommend this new Dental office i found.

— Raimond B. (Patient since 2018), Aug 27, 2018



The team is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

— Amy O. (Patient since 2018), Aug 6, 2018



Great experience! Very friendly staff and learned a lot of new things about my teeth health.

— Danielle G. (Patient since 2018), Jul 30, 2018



Dr. Ema and her amazing team create one of the most caring and personable environments. As someone who is sensitive and sometimes jumpy, Dr. Ema and her assistants intuitively know when to use a gentle and careful touch. I’ve never felt so at ease..

— Alexander O. (Patient since 2017), Jul 23, 2018



I was very pleased with my visit.Dr.Emma and her whole team were very personable.!She seemed to be very knowledgeable about dentistry.

— Alita A. (Patient since 2018), Jul 23, 2018



As good as a visit to a dentist can be…as always.

— Charlie N. (Patient since 2017), Jul 4, 2018



Dr. Ema is very thorough and makes you very comfortable and at ease while in the dentist chair. I had an appointment for a regular checkup and cleaning and was taken care of exactly at my scheduled time. Dr. Ema provided me with information about my teeth’s condition as well as information and advise on taking proper care of them to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Although I’m the patient she is very patient in hearing and answering any questions that I may have.

— William W. (Patient since 2017), Jun 25, 2018



Dr. Ema is highly professional, caring , patient and respectful of the patient’s needs.

— Livia A. (Patient since 2017), May 10, 2018



Printer’s Row Dental is absolutely wonderful! They are so friendly, ON TIME, and made my trips to the dentist completely painless! I really had a so wonderful experience and would definitely recommend!

— Rachel W. (Patient since 2017), May 10, 2018



Wonderful practice from front desk to assistant and of course dentist! Excellent experience!

— Carol M. (Patient since 2017), May 10, 2018



Very friendly staff and comfortable environment.

— Michael R. (Patient since 2018), May 7, 2018



Great dentist, terrific people supporting her, easy to work with and schedule… I wanted a neighborhood dentist and ended up with a terrific neighborhood dentist.

— Charlie N. (Patient since 2017), Feb 22, 2018



My appointment was for 9 am and I was taken in as scheduled. DR. Ema and her staff were very attentive and because my needed procedures were more than just a check up and cleaning I was impressed with the service provided by Dr. Ema. She informed me of my options which helped me make decisions that were best for me, both functionally and economically. I was very satisfied with the service provided and the follow up to see if everything was going well.

— William W. (Patient since 2017), Jan 29, 2018



Anytime I can leave a dentist’s office with no complaints, that’s saying something.

— Charlie N. (Patient since 2017), Jan 3, 2018



My recent visit to Printer’s Row Dentistry was my first cleaning and checkup with Dr. Ema. She was very thorough as well as pleasant to work with, which made the experience that much more enjoyable (if you can say that about going to the dentist). My appointment was at ten o’clock and I was in the dentist chair exactly at 10:am. Dr. Ema checked all my teeth and provided a clear and precise summary of their condition.

— William W. (Patient since 2017), Dec 18, 2017


I’d say very easy communication and quick service. I was in and out. Had an infection – my fault. Dr. Ema took care of it. Need to get a crown and they scheduled me to get it taken care of.

— Michael B. (Patient since 2017), Sep 15, 2017

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