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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments help protect your teeth against tooth decay. The acids from plaque and tartar that naturally build up on your teeth cause demineralization, which in turn leads to decay of the tooth enamel. Fluoride works to removes the plaque and tartar, halting demineralization and repairing the enamel. Therefore, regular fluoride treatments are essential.

Furthermore, fluoride even helps prevent against further decay of the tooth enamel. In children, fluoride should be used so that it is integrated in the development of permanent teeth. Fluoride can be found both in water and in certain foods. However, the treatments that we offer come in the form of rinses and toothpastes, or can be performed professionally by a dentist in the form of a gel or varnish.


Who Needs Fluoride Treatments?

Children, in particular, are in need of fluoride because of its’ importance in the development and strengthening of permanent teeth.

Adults with certain health issues also need fluoride treatments. These issues can include dry mouth, Sjogren’s syndrome, radiation treatment, certain medications and other issues that put you at a higher risk for tooth decay; such as periodontal disease, crowns, bridges, or a history of cavities.


Are Fluoride Treatments Safe?

While fluoride seems to be getting a lot of negative attention and some people do indeed have an intolerance or allergies to it, the presence of fluoride in your drinking water, toothpaste, or food will not physically harm you. However, at excessively high levels, it can be hazardous to children. Therefore, parents should always closely monitor their child’s fluoride exposure in order to avoid dental fluorosis. Nevertheless, when properly monitored, fluoride treatments are both perfectly safe and highly beneficial.


At Printers Row Dental Studio, we understand that you want only the best for yourself or your child. We are here to help you navigate your way through the fluoride debate and ensure your overall oral health. Call Printers Row Dental Studio today, at (312) 435-0411  or request an appointment online if you want to know more about fluoride treatments and how they can help you!

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