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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an effective way to protect your teeth from decay. While daily brushing and flossing go a long way toward ensuring your overall oral health, some teeth such as molars are more difficult to clean because of their jagged, uneven surfaces, which create nooks and crannies in which bacteria and food can become stuck. Sealants offer a protective layer that guards your teeth from bacteria in order to ward off tooth-decay.

Sealants can be applied over small areas of decay to halt their progress, or may also be applied as preventative measures. When the bacteria naturally found in your mouth reacts with the food that you eat, it produces an acid that breaks down the enamel of your tooth and causes cavities. The sealant material is used to cover these nooks and crannies on the surface of your molars to stop cavities from forming.

Who Benefits from Sealants?

Both children and adults can get and benefit from sealants. It is recommended that children get them soon after their molars erupt so that they can remain cavity-free. Since sealants are clear, if they are placed over areas of decay, Dr. Ema at Printers Row Dental Studio will be able to keep an eye on the cavity to ensure that the sealant is providing the proper protection to your tooth.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you are getting a sealant, Dr. Ema will apply a gel to your tooth that roughens the surface of the tooth, allowing the sealant material to be effectively bonded to your tooth. After this gel is placed on your tooth and sits for a few moments, Dr. Ema will remove the gel, clean the tooth and dry it off. Then, Dr. Ema will apply the sealant material and harden it with a blue light. Getting a sealant is a quick and painless way to ensure the long-term protection of your teeth.


If your teeth need extra protection, ask Dr. Ema how sealants can help you! Call Printers Row Dental Studio today, at (312) 435-0411 to schedule your appointment or request one online.

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