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As the summer comes to a close, many families are trying to squeeze in as much fun in the sun as they can before the start of the school year and fall begins. This, of course, includes having backyard BBQ’s. 

There’s nothing better than diving into the food at a backyard picnic, but meals with corn on the cob, ribs, or chips can leave behind small pieces of food in between your teeth, and sometimes brushing won’t be enough to clean it out. It may be a lesson you’ve heard before, but flossing after a meal is critical to maintaining good oral health.

Where Food Gets Trapped

Food tends to get trapped in specific places in your mouth- small food particles can get stuck in the spaces between your teeth or in the grooves of your molars. The foods trapped here feed the bacteria that lives in your mouth, and if not cleaned out properly, can lead to serious health issues.

Unfortunately, many of your favorite backyard picnic dishes are notorious for getting stuck in between your teeth. Soft breads in sandwiches, popcorn, and potato chips can get mashed into the grooves of your teeth, and the skins and fibers from corn on the cob can get trapped in your mouth as well. Meat products like chicken wings and pork tend to get stuck in the open spaces of your mouth, and the fibers from fruits and vegetables will also be left behind in your teeth after you swallow.

But luckily for all backyard party goers, you don’t have to avoid these tricky foods to stay healthy. All you need to do is floss.

Health Problems Caused By Not Flossing

Clearing out the food between your teeth with flossing can help prevent a myriad of health issues that affect the body beyond just oral hygiene. Not flossing can lead to tooth decay and cavities, but also gum disease, which is also linked to heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

Don’t underestimate the importance of oral health in your overall well being. Flossing goes above and beyond to keep your teeth clean and your body healthy.

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