COVID – 19 Update

Printers Row Dental Studio
Response To Coronavirus Disease 2019

If you have an urgent dental need please call our office at 312-435-0411 or Dr. Ema at 312-772-4996.

Your health and safety is our priority.

Although 2020 has brought along a whirlwind of change, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety and well-being. Amid the pandemic, taking care of your oral health is more important than ever since it has a direct impact on your immune system.

Don’t hold off on your routine trip to the dentist because of the pandemic. Your mouth is the gateway to the body, and where germs are more likely to enter and spread. Maintaining good oral health works in tandem with total body health. At Printer’s Row Dental Studio, we’ve installed a series of procedures that allow for safe, healthy, and efficient dental visits despite the ongoing virus. 

During your next dental visit, you’ll notice enhancements to our dental office to ensure every patient feels safe and comfortable during their visit. As dentists, we have always been on the front lines and preventing the spread of disease through proper oral hygiene. Prevention remains our top priority now as infection control protocols are updated and expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Prevent and protect

Good oral health is essential to your body’s general health. During a pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep up with good oral hygiene habits to keep your mouth and immune system healthy. The mouth is one of the body’s first lines of defense against bacteria. In fact, research has linked bacteria and inflammation associated with periodontal disease to systemic diseases and conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

While COVID-19 is a virus, medical communities suspect bacterial superinfections may contribute to complications. This may include pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), heightening the importance of maintaining strong oral health and hygiene. By practicing preventative dental care and strong oral hygiene, you are creating an additional line of protection to prevent further health complications.

Number of Sessions

Dental implants are applied in three sessions on average. In the first session, a patient’s measurements are taken to create an implant that is perfectly matched to the patient’s jaw so that it fits well and will stay securely in place.

During the next two appointments, multiple sections of the implant are installed. This process happens in separate sessions to make sure each piece of the implant is securely in place before the next piece is added on.

Without a session dedicated to measurement, any implant inserted into the jaw will not fit correctly, coming loose or feeling very painful when being used to bite or chew food. Pausing in between treatments also allows the patients to heal before the next procedure so that there is no unnecessary damage done or pain caused.

Preparing for your next dental visit

Before your next appointment with Printers Row Dental Studio, you may be questioning what additional precautions have been taken to ensure your health and safety despite COVID-19. Both the physical office and appointment process run a bit differently, but rest assured that these adjustments have been made with your health, safety, and comfort in mind. Some of the changes and upgrades you can expect include:

Before your visit

    • Thorough, deep cleanings of treatment rooms between patient appointments.
    • More frequent cleaning of restrooms and common areas.
    • Magazines, toys, remote controls, and other high-touch items in waiting rooms have also been removed to prevent the spread of germs.
    • The patient intake process and registration are encouraged to be completed online or over the phone prior to your appointment to limit each patient’s time spent in the office.
    • You may be asked to complete a COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire a day or two prior to your appointment.

While you’re at the office

    • An additional health screening may be conducted when you arrive on-site at the office, including a temperature check. Doctors and staff may also complete a chairside checklist prior to beginning a procedure.
    • Office layouts have been updated to promote social distancing, along with new measures to protect staff at reception. This may include front desk staff wearing masks or other protective gear, like possible sneeze barriers.
    • In some cases, you may be directed to wait in your car or in an alternative waiting area. Fewer appointment times may also be offered to space out patient arrivals and departures.
    • Dentists and staff will also look a little different and will be wearing additional Personal Protective Equipment as an added layer of security for you and them. This may include masks, gloves, face shields, and gowns.

Ongoing safety precautions

    • As always, we are following the latest infection control recommendations made by OSHA, CDC, and the ADA to ensure we are in accordance with their guidance at all times.
    • If you are unsure whether you should visit the dentist at this time, please consult your doctor to determine a care plan best suited to your situation. It is important not to skip seeing the dentist if care is needed – seeing a dentist can help stop small issues from becoming bigger health problems.

Dr. Kaori Ema

Membership Program

At Printers Row Dental Studio, you don’t need insurance to get the dental care you need at a price you can afford! Our membership program is designed to give you access to customizable dental care without paying for anything you don’t use.

Our Membership plan includes the following benefits:

TWO (2) exams including all x-rays and two preventative cleanings

10% off periodontal scaling & root planing

10% off the standard price of other work (e.g. veneers, implants, bridges, crowns and whitening)

Plans available Individuals / Couples / Children

$152 savings!

Our VIP Cosmetic plan includes the following benefits:

TWO (2) exams including all x-rays and two cleanings

PLUS one in-office whitening per year

Free tube of whitening gel 2x/year?

10% off all other standard other work (e.g. veneers, implants, bridges, crowns, and whitening)

*If ineligible for whitening, you will receive a $300 credit toward any cosmetic procedure (e.g. veneers, bonding, or Invisalign)

You can upgrade your plan within 30 days by simply paying the difference. If you need to sign up for a VIP Cosmetic Membership Plan or upgrade your current plan, come talk to us today. Your savings are waiting!