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Cosmetic Services

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Experience the Difference

You should never have to settle for a smile that you hate. At Printers Row Dental Studio, we understand how important it is to not only feel good, but to also feel confident in how you look. Our cosmetic services under Chicago Veneers will transform the smile you hate into one you’ll want to show off!



Don’t let stained or discolored teeth ruin your smile. There are many common factors associated with tooth discoloration. Some common causes are food or drug related—especially coffee and red wine, tobacco and medications.  It can even be the result of normal aging. Although some of these factors are avoidable, some simply are not.

At Printers Row Dental Studio, we offer Kör Whitening, the latest advancement in teeth whitening technology. If you wish you had whiter teeth, don’t wait any longer to visit Printers Row Dental Studio and get the radiant smile you’ve always wanted!



Porcelain dental veneers are a thin layer of material that Dr. Ema places on top of your tooth to change the appearance of your teeth and transform your smile. Veneers are as easy to care for as your natural teeth and can be installed in just two visits. Veneers help conceal a wide variety of dental issues, such as misaligned teeth, discolored teeth, or worn-down, chipped, or gapped teeth.

At Printers Row Dental Studio, we have several veneer options to suit your needs.


Snap-On Smiles

Snap-On Smiles are an alternative to traditional veneers that simply clip on over your teeth, instantly giving you a beautiful, radiant smile. Since they are not typically intended to be worn all day, people generally wear them for work, events, or photos. Sometimes called press-on veneers, Snap-On Smiles gives you the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted quickly and easily.

Call us at Printers Row Dental Studio to learn more about how Snap-On Smiles can give you your best smile.



Invisalign® is a clear, non-metal alternative to traditional braces for transforming your crooked smile. Typically, your aligners are changed weekly, with regular check-up appointments every 6 weeks. With this innovative new treatment, no one will even know you’re wearing your aligners!

Stop letting crooked teeth force you to hide your smile! Visit Printers Row Dental Studio to determine whether or not this innovative treatment is right for you!



Dentures are a great option for replacing missing teeth. They can replace anywhere from few to all of your teeth, and can be supported by no teeth, limited teeth, or implants. With our digital denture process and fully supported prostheses, Printers Row Dental Studio offers the latest techniques in denture services. We’ll give you dentures you can wear with confidence!

At Printers Row Dental Studio, we are dedicated to transforming your smile into something you’re proud to show off!


We offer many cosmetic treatments! Printers Row Dental Studio and Chicago Veneers will give you a smile you’ll be proud of! Visit our Chicago Veneers website to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry practice.

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