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In March, we celebrate National Dentist Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with a trip to Printers Row Dental Studio!

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Meet Dr. Ema!

Leading our team is Dr. Kaori Ema, the founder, and owner of Printers Row Dental Studio. 

Dr. Ema’s philosophy is to provide her patients with complete and comprehensive care for healthy and beautiful smiles that her patients can be proud to have. By keeping up with the latest advancements in treatments and dental technology and attending annual conferences, Dr. Ema also continuously builds her knowledge of dentistry to stay at the forefront of her field and provide her patients with the best care.

Dr. Ema is also committed to giving back to her community through her volunteer work in Chicago and abroad. As a member of the United States Airforce, Dr. Ema also finds joy in giving back to the community of men and women who have served with free dental care for veterans on Veterans Day.

Our Staff Works Together For You

Our team members pride themselves on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of our patients, and this begins with team building. The staff at PRDS always celebrate the holidays and birthdays together in and out of the office. This time together translates into a strong team that is happy to help every patient who walks through our doors.

The best way to celebrate this month is by taking care of your teeth with the many treatment options available at Printers Row Dental Studio. Dr. Ema offers emergency, comprehensive, and cosmetic dentistry, each list of treatments customizable to your unique needs.

From teeth cleanings to tooth extractions or whitening treatments to veneers, Dr. Ema can determine the best course of treatment to give you a beautiful smile, along with the excellent and expert staff at Printers Row!

To learn more about the many treatments available at Printers Row and to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve, call us today at (312) 435-0411!

Follow Dr. Ema on Instagram to see what she and her team are up to here!