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The accessibility and intriguing before and after pictures of at-home teeth whitening kits have caused some to skip the visit to the dentist and take matters into their own hands. While purchasing an at-home teeth whitening kit may seem like a quick-fix solution, here at Printers Row Dental Studio, we highly caution against whitening your own teeth. Self-whitening can cause much more harm than good if you aren’t careful. Find out more about whether self-whitening kits are safe below.

Is At-Home Teeth Whitening Safe?

Brightening your smile can boost your confidence and improve your oral health. For these reasons, Dr. Ema encourages you to consider whitening your teeth. However, there are some stains that at-home kits can’t remove. Also, you may need to try multiple rounds of whitening before seeing any results.

Additionally, everyone’s teeth react differently to whitening. When whitening your teeth at home, you risk purchasing a low-grade kit, misunderstanding the procedure, or using the wrong size strip. This can lead to increasing your teeth’s sensitivity, damaging or weakening your teeth’s roots and enamel, and potentially worsening pre-existing gum disease. For patients that have received a tooth-colored filling or bonding, whitening kits will not alter the shades of those teeth. Whitening your teeth at home can lead to permanently damaging your smile.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth in a Dental Office?

Dr. Ema understands the importance of your smile as a part of your self-confidence. So, she will use her training and experience to help you whiten your teeth with professional supervision. At-home kit sellers often do not understand how the product works or who the right candidate is for specific products, but Dr. Ema’s knowledge of the whitening procedure will result in a much less risky procedure. Before the whitening treatment, Dr. Ema takes impressions to examine your mouth and check for signs of sensitivity or damage that may be worsened by whitening. These custom impressions will protect your gums from the gel which could cause irritation while self-whitening. Additionally, if problems develop throughout the whitening process, she will be able to catch them and adjust the treatment accordingly, instead of unknowingly continuing a harmful procedure on yourself. When you whiten your teeth with Dr. Ema, you will also have more control over the shade and intensity of your teeth. At-home whitening kits are easy to misuse and can cause damage to your smile. Dr. Ema is able to personalize your treatment and carefully monitor the process, a wealth of knowledge you can’t get from a kit. We do encourage our patients to improve their smiles, however, whitening your teeth with Dr. Ema will result in a smoother, safer, and professionally monitored procedure. To schedule an appointment, call Dr. Ema today at 312-435-0411, or email us atsmile@prdentalstudio.com. The information in this post is intended for informational purposes only and should be used as such. This does not constitute medical advice. You should always speak with your healthcare provider before making any decisions about your care. To learn more about how this information can and cannot be used, see our site disclaimer.